The Geris Family {family photography – catonsville, maryland}

Meet the Geris family. Oh. My. Word. I adore this family. If you have had a wedding with me, worked with me at Weecycle, or had a weekday session with me it is highly likely that it was only done with help from this sweet friend. Becca is always willing to take Henry (my monster) in when I need a last minute sitter, and does it with a great, big smile! She and her family are so very dear to us, and it makes my heart so happy to share her beautiful family with you! And soon we’ll be adding one more to the mix!! :D


Sarah {wedding photography – baltimore, md}

Meet Mrs. W. I have been sitting on these photos for MONTHS and been dying to share with everyone the gorgeousness that is Sarah! Sarah’s sweet, sweet mama came in to town for Sarah’s trial hair and make up, and then hung out with us for her bridal session and it was a blast! As it turns out, I love both of them :D So here is the one and only, Sarah.

Sarah (and Cindy), I had a great time with you! Congrats on the new last name :D


Meet my sweet heart. This little guy is a small replica of the other man I love :D Henry does many, many things well, but sitting for me is NOT one of them. He hates it! He will run as fast and as far as he can when he sees my camera come out, which means he has few photos documenting this year and Grammy has even fewer covering her piano and mantel! But on those rare occasions that he feels like tossing me a bone we get pure magic. This is my wild man, my love, my Henry.

Amanda {bridal photography – baltimore, md}

Meet Mrs. S. Now that it’s ‘legal’ to show you these, I’m going to! I so thoroughly loved getting to work with Amanda. She was such an easy going bride and all around nice person to be around. We met for the complimentary bridal session (Yea for the Baltimore Bridal Show :D ) before her big day with her (now) sister in law. Amanda looked perfect! See for yourself.

Nick & Sarah

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Nick! Holy smokes I love this couple!!! From the very first time we met, to their engagement session at Quiet Waters, to Sarah’s bridal session (coming soon!) I fell more and more head over heels. When you add their family to the mix it only gets better! These two are obviously so in love with each other and could not be more adorable, which makes my job super easy :D Their day at Swan Harbor Farm was so beautiful and I was incredibly happy to be a part of it. I’ll warn you now, this was my last wedding of 2011 so there is a lot to look at!

The boys saw this corn field and were almost immediately unanimous that we were doing a “Field of Dreams” shot. Here you go fellas :D

After some shots up on this ledge the boys decided to help Sarah down via trust fall… Just another reason to LOVE her!

This is Sarah’s sister, mom, and grandma getting down to Flo-Rida. Um, so very AWESOME.

Nick and Sarah, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I could not be happier for you both. Now have a baby so I can work with you again :D

Jim & Amanda {wedding photographer – baltimore, md}

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Jim! I love this couple! You have never seen a more laid back, relaxed, easy going pair in your life. Wedding jitters? Not these two! Amanda was so calm the entire time we were together, even in the minutes before she walked down the aisle! They had their ceremony at the beautiful Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa on a gorgeous, sunny day overlooking the water and surrounded by family. It was such a sweet celebration of two of the nicest people and I was thrilled to be a part of it. I’ll be quiet now so you can see for yourself!

Congratulations Jim and Amanda! I couldn’t be happier for you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day.

Justin & Mandy {engagement photographer – baltimore, md}

Meet Justin and Mandy! This post is a looong time coming!! So much has been happening in the Caruthers’ house that the blog has been sorely neglected. There is a remedy in place :D Now enjoy the adorable Justin and Mandy who, with help from their amazing family and friends, won a free engagement session with me through Facebook! I’m so glad they did. They are adorable!!!

Things were going so well… and then they slipped on Ravens jerseys. Don’t worry Dad, I shunned them :D Go Cowboys!! Just kidding guys. It was SO great to meet you and spend some time hanging out with you!