And the winners are…

A GIGANTIC thank you to everyone that stopped by and chatted with me at the Baltimore Bridal Show last Sunday! It was fantastic to meet all of you! I would LOVE the opportunity to sit down with each of you and talk about your wedding. I had 98 entries for the 3 complimentary bridal session!!! That is awesome!! In order to be as fair as possible I let the least biased person in our house choose the winners. My 3 year old :) And to make it even more fair, he squeezed his eyes shut the entire time. Forget that he hasn’t met any of you or the fact that he can’t read :D

Congratulations to Pam Gardner, Heather Thompson, and Rachel Herman! You have each won a complimentary bridal session and a beautiful 11X14 of your choice!

If you are not one of these women, I would still LOVE to talk with you about your upcoming wedding! Plus, if for any reason one of the ladies mentioned is unable to use her bridal session a new name will be drawn :) Make sure to ‘like’ Kasey Caruthers Photography’s Facebook page for updates and contests!


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