Ryan & Allison {engagement photographer – ft. worth, tx}

Meet Ryan & Allison. I really like my job. I like that it’s flexible. I like how awesome my amazing clients have been. I like getting to be a part of your lives, even temporarily! And then the day comes that reminds me I don’t like this job. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE that I have the opportunity to share in one of the biggest days in one of my life long friend’s life!! I’ve known Al since we were roughly 11 attending North Richland Middle School (go Falcons). She is one of the kindest, funniest, entertaining people I have ever met! And she’s gorgeous! Like super gorgeous!! And now she has met her perfect match, Ryan. I love seeing my friend so much in love to a sweet, caring, gentleman of a guy! And he’s not so bad looking either :D I’ll be quiet now. Take a look!

See! I told you he was a cutie too!!

I love seeing this smile!!!

Isn’t she gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier for you friend!!


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