Willie & Krystle

 Meet Willie and Krystle. I have no idea what luck I tripped into to get the world’s most AMAZING clients over and over again, but I hope it never goes away!! I met these guys in Frederick, MD last weekend, broken arm and all, for a side splitting session :) If they had any doubt that their crazy, one-armed photog wasn’t going to have a great time with them, they never let on. From the moment I met these guys after the Baltimore Bridal Show last August I KNEW I wanted to work with them! They are so stinking funny it makes me want September to get here so I can spend more time with them!! Not to mention the fact that they are crazy adorable and willing to do any crazy thing I asked them to :) I am thrilled to get to work with them and share them with you guys. I’ll be quiet now so you can see them. You’re gonna love ’em :D


6 thoughts on “Willie & Krystle

  1. Your pictures are awesome! I love the tree also and the stadium! You are a wonderful photographer! I hope I win the fan favorite contest because I would love to see what you can do with our little one!

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