Happy Thanksgiving!

 Okay, I’m a little late on that! My family took a roughly 18 hour trip to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! We did this two years ago and LOVED it so the quick trip was a no brainer this year. We had a great time and stayed at the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor for the night. INCREDIBLE views!! I highly recommend it if you are planning a trip and don’t want to pay city hotel prices. So here is a little bit from our Thanksgiving 2010!

 Oh New York, how I love you! I told you the view was pretty spectacular :)

Below: It was a good day for a parade!!

Below: The great part about this parade is that even though you are in a crowd of roughly a billion people you don’t miss a ton, because the balloons are SO HUGE! This is on 73rd and Central Park with the locals. Yeah, I’m soooo New York :)

What? Kanye wasn’t at your Thanksgiving celebration?!?! It’s always great to see him at family functions ;)

Henry was a trooper throughout this entire crazy trip! He was so excited to see the balloons and hear the marching bands!! Below is also my BFF Julie that really does live in New York and was and excellent guide and wonderful hostess. Even when my kid terrorized her cat and got in the kitty litter…

The screaming that went on when the big man showed was incredible! Santa Clause is one jolllllly man, because the end of the parade (him) past 73rd around 10:30 and he kept waving and ‘ho ho ho’ing until it reached Macy’s around 12! 

I can’t wait to share some more personal posts this holiday season! I have a feeling Christmas-age 3 is going to be amazing!!


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