Jim and Amanda

  Meet Jim and Amanda. Amanda contacted me a few months ago to talk about her upcoming wedding. So naturally we met at Panera (home of my favorite Dr. Pepper :) ) and she filled me in on the ceremony details. All I can say is I am SUPER excited! They are having a sweet, intimate ceremony surrounded by their family. I could squeal at the thought! I love big flashy weddings, but intimate weddings are sooo fun to be a part of. Fast forward to October  and I met with these two at Quiet Waters in Annapolis for their engagement session. I was a little nervous that the leaves would all be gone by that late in the season, but you really couldn’t have asked for better! The scenery was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and the couple was beautiful! I am so excited to be working with these guys, and really excited to see Amanda’s family again. She and her family teamed up and won a free session for her nephew, Carter, back in August while they were in town visiting. (He’s over on the Facebook page if you want to see that ADORABLE face!) Okay, I’ll be quiet now. Enjoy!!

Below: Jim’s eyes are basically clear they are so blue! It makes for great photos :)

Below: I love this one! Amanda you look so smoldery!!

Amanda I am so looking forward to hanging out again this Spring, and Jim I’m looking forward to seeing you again in July!!


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