Dan and Trish

 Meet Dan and Trish. Do you ever meet someone who reminds you of a close friend and you’re instantly at ease with them? That’s Trish! Not only does she physically remind me of an old friend of mine, but she is so easy-going and comfortable to be around that it really feels like you just spent time hanging with a buddy instead of having just been around her for the second time. Then you add Dan to the mix and it made for a pretty great morning! He’s just as laid back and fun. They really compliment each other so well. When we met for this session a little while back it was so frigidly cold I didn’t know how long any of us would last, but these guys were troopers!! They would take little snuggle breaks to warm back up and I kept luring them from spot to spot with the promise of hot apple cider :) If you are ever in Westminster, MD on a Saturday in October you really do need to stop at Baugher’s orchard for a yummy treat and some beautiful views! Okay {kcp} friends and family I’ll be quiet now. Take a look!

Below: Possibly my favorite photo from this season. And that’s saying something :)

Below: We had to take a quick second for Dan to terrorize the woman he loves with a live chicken!

The next two are duking it out for Fav #2! What do you think?

Dan you are such a good sport! Love it!

Oh I love you two! And in case you are wondering, yes they did wait in a little line behind a couple of kids to do this shot! :)

Guys, I can’t wait until August!


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