Nick and Sarah

 Meet Nick and Sarah. What do you get when you cross a beautiful southern girl and the most easy-going man on the mid-Atlantic? Nick and Sarah. I’m crazy about this couple. Like put-Sarah-in-my-pocket kind of crazy! I was supposed to meet with these guys several weeks ago in downtown Annapolis, but when I showed up there it was PACKED. I talking sardines here folks! Apparently we aren’t in the avid boaters club and didn’t know there was some massive boat show going on bringing in TONS of people. When I called with the news a plan B was made within seconds and they could not have been cooler about it. We met at a local park in Annapolis and spent an hour giggling. Yes, giggling! These two are so stinking adorable it’s not even funny. I could have said “Nick, run around as fast as you can and then when I say stop just jump up and down really hard.” and if Sarah had even smiled at the idea he would have just taken off in a sprint until it was time to jump! They are just that crazy about each other. I’ll hush now y’all so you can see what I’m talking about!

Alright Nick, sandy toes worth it? I think yes!

Did I forget to mention that Nick has the most amazing dimples ever?!?!

Since I was already going to be in downtown Annapolis doing another couple’s engagement session on Sunday (hang on Amanda and Jim fans, they’re coming soon!) Sarah and Nick drove down to do a mini-session without the boat show crowd! See, they are totally cool.

Sarah asked if I would do a heart picture to match one they have of them doing their junior year (?) of high school. So cute!

Sarah I can’t wait to meet with you again next Spring, and Nick I can hardly wait until September!


4 thoughts on “Nick and Sarah

  1. Well, I can say the MOB {mother of the bride} is very happy and excited as well! Yes Kasey, you could just eat these two up with a spoon! Sarah is so excited about her choice of photographer and I too think she has made an excellent choice!! Great pics can’t wait to see the rest and looking forward to meeting you as well Kasey!!

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