Happy Thanksgiving!

 Okay, I’m a little late on that! My family took a roughly 18 hour trip to New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! We did this two years ago and LOVED it so the quick trip was a no brainer this year. We had a great time and stayed at the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor for the night. INCREDIBLE views!! I highly recommend it if you are planning a trip and don’t want to pay city hotel prices. So here is a little bit from our Thanksgiving 2010!

 Oh New York, how I love you! I told you the view was pretty spectacular :)

Below: It was a good day for a parade!!

Below: The great part about this parade is that even though you are in a crowd of roughly a billion people you don’t miss a ton, because the balloons are SO HUGE! This is on 73rd and Central Park with the locals. Yeah, I’m soooo New York :)

What? Kanye wasn’t at your Thanksgiving celebration?!?! It’s always great to see him at family functions ;)

Henry was a trooper throughout this entire crazy trip! He was so excited to see the balloons and hear the marching bands!! Below is also my BFF Julie that really does live in New York and was and excellent guide and wonderful hostess. Even when my kid terrorized her cat and got in the kitty litter…

The screaming that went on when the big man showed was incredible! Santa Clause is one jolllllly man, because the end of the parade (him) past 73rd around 10:30 and he kept waving and ‘ho ho ho’ing until it reached Macy’s around 12! 

I can’t wait to share some more personal posts this holiday season! I have a feeling Christmas-age 3 is going to be amazing!!


Jim and Amanda

  Meet Jim and Amanda. Amanda contacted me a few months ago to talk about her upcoming wedding. So naturally we met at Panera (home of my favorite Dr. Pepper :) ) and she filled me in on the ceremony details. All I can say is I am SUPER excited! They are having a sweet, intimate ceremony surrounded by their family. I could squeal at the thought! I love big flashy weddings, but intimate weddings are sooo fun to be a part of. Fast forward to October  and I met with these two at Quiet Waters in Annapolis for their engagement session. I was a little nervous that the leaves would all be gone by that late in the season, but you really couldn’t have asked for better! The scenery was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and the couple was beautiful! I am so excited to be working with these guys, and really excited to see Amanda’s family again. She and her family teamed up and won a free session for her nephew, Carter, back in August while they were in town visiting. (He’s over on the Facebook page if you want to see that ADORABLE face!) Okay, I’ll be quiet now. Enjoy!!

Below: Jim’s eyes are basically clear they are so blue! It makes for great photos :)

Below: I love this one! Amanda you look so smoldery!!

Amanda I am so looking forward to hanging out again this Spring, and Jim I’m looking forward to seeing you again in July!!

Dan and Trish

 Meet Dan and Trish. Do you ever meet someone who reminds you of a close friend and you’re instantly at ease with them? That’s Trish! Not only does she physically remind me of an old friend of mine, but she is so easy-going and comfortable to be around that it really feels like you just spent time hanging with a buddy instead of having just been around her for the second time. Then you add Dan to the mix and it made for a pretty great morning! He’s just as laid back and fun. They really compliment each other so well. When we met for this session a little while back it was so frigidly cold I didn’t know how long any of us would last, but these guys were troopers!! They would take little snuggle breaks to warm back up and I kept luring them from spot to spot with the promise of hot apple cider :) If you are ever in Westminster, MD on a Saturday in October you really do need to stop at Baugher’s orchard for a yummy treat and some beautiful views! Okay {kcp} friends and family I’ll be quiet now. Take a look!

Below: Possibly my favorite photo from this season. And that’s saying something :)

Below: We had to take a quick second for Dan to terrorize the woman he loves with a live chicken!

The next two are duking it out for Fav #2! What do you think?

Dan you are such a good sport! Love it!

Oh I love you two! And in case you are wondering, yes they did wait in a little line behind a couple of kids to do this shot! :)

Guys, I can’t wait until August!

Nick and Sarah

 Meet Nick and Sarah. What do you get when you cross a beautiful southern girl and the most easy-going man on the mid-Atlantic? Nick and Sarah. I’m crazy about this couple. Like put-Sarah-in-my-pocket kind of crazy! I was supposed to meet with these guys several weeks ago in downtown Annapolis, but when I showed up there it was PACKED. I talking sardines here folks! Apparently we aren’t in the avid boaters club and didn’t know there was some massive boat show going on bringing in TONS of people. When I called with the news a plan B was made within seconds and they could not have been cooler about it. We met at a local park in Annapolis and spent an hour giggling. Yes, giggling! These two are so stinking adorable it’s not even funny. I could have said “Nick, run around as fast as you can and then when I say stop just jump up and down really hard.” and if Sarah had even smiled at the idea he would have just taken off in a sprint until it was time to jump! They are just that crazy about each other. I’ll hush now y’all so you can see what I’m talking about!

Alright Nick, sandy toes worth it? I think yes!

Did I forget to mention that Nick has the most amazing dimples ever?!?!

Since I was already going to be in downtown Annapolis doing another couple’s engagement session on Sunday (hang on Amanda and Jim fans, they’re coming soon!) Sarah and Nick drove down to do a mini-session without the boat show crowd! See, they are totally cool.

Sarah asked if I would do a heart picture to match one they have of them doing their junior year (?) of high school. So cute!

Sarah I can’t wait to meet with you again next Spring, and Nick I can hardly wait until September!