Meet Mary. This lovely, little mommy-to-be and I have been friends for the better part of 6 years now and have lived on both sides of this great country, remarkably, at the same time! I say remarkably because she, her husband Jon, and my husband were all active duty military and really that means you can be anywhere. We were just fortunate to always be close! Now Mary has been on the civilian side of things for a few months and is preparing for baby boy U. I can’t wait to see her and Jon as parents!! They are such a fun, sweet couple and baby U is going to be very lucky. Even if they move him off to some compound in the woods one day… :) We’re going to miss them next year when they leave for Germany, but hopefully we’ll be able to visit soon. I’ll be quiet now and get on with the main event. Everyone, meet Mary.


Below: He’s a tree hugger from an early age! This one’s for you Jon!

How great are her eyes?! I can’t believe I haven’t noticed that before. Mary pregnancy agrees with you!

When I was doing Hailey and George’s wedding last weekend Hailey said, “Here you can take my shoes. I know you have a thing for feet!” That is completely true, and apparently I have a thing for baby bellies too! I really couldn’t believe how many shot like this are in Mary’s session!!

It is a dang cute belly though! Mary and Jon, we love you guys and can’t wait to meet your precious son.


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