George and Hailey – the wedding

 Allow me to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. George! I could really just go on and on about how fantastic this couple is. While putting together this post I was able to go back through their photos and it just reminded me of how much fun they are and how crazy about each other they are! George has the most gigantic, 1,000 watt smile you have ever seen every time he looks at Hailey, and her dreamy eyes back to him are enough to make you love them. We met a few months ago to do their engagement session in Edgemere, MD and they were adorable. I hope you love them as much as I do! Enjoy!


Below is George’s reaction to seeing Hailey coming down the aisle. Cue the smile!!!

How great are the groomsmen’s and groom’s shoes?!

I think I may have figured out where George gets that awesome smile from! His mom was so sweet!

 Hailey danced with both her Grandad and her Stepdad. What I wouldn’t give for a picture like this with my own Grandpa! Hailey, you are adorable.


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