David and Mia – the wedding.

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. David! I’ve been crazy about this couple since their engagement session at Loch Raven. Remember that one? I knew Mia was going to make a gorgeous bride with that gigantic smile, and she did not disappoint! She and David are two of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Once I spent the evening with their family and friends I realized that they were surrounded by nice, sweet people! All of the parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, siblings, kids and friends were so much fun and were obviously crazy about David and Mia. Plus, apparently October is the month to be married in Maryland! All of the decor for this wedding was Autumn-based, which I am totally in love with. Mia’s bouquet was a beautiful, the cake was adorable, and the guests were duking it out over the gorgeous centerpieces!  I’ll hush now so you can see for yourself!

Below: During David and Mia’s first dance their son Cam decided to show off his own moves with Taylor, the flower girl! It was HILARIOUS!!

Below is the new family! Don’t you want to get to know these guys?! Look how cute those kids are!!

David and Mia, thank you for asking me to be a part of your beautiful day! I wish you all the very, very best!!


And the winner is….

Graham! Congratulations to Graham for winning the Carroll County Weecycle Sale for Fall 2010!

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Jay and Katie – the wedding.

 Meet Mr. and Mrs. C! I have been so excited about this wedding since their engagement session. They are such a fun, sweet couple and I am so excited to share them with you. Their wedding was at The Oaks in St. Michaels, MD and what they say in real estate is true for photographing weddings. Location, location, location! This venue was beautiful, and what made it even better was that the ENTIRE place was booked up with guests of this wedding! Jay and Katie were surrounded by people they love and that love them for 3 days. What could be better than that?! Oh yeah, a ridiculously gorgeous bride and her adorable, adoring new husband! I’ll be quiet now so you can see for yourselves.

Gorgeous bride: check! Awesome bridesmaids: check! Great Mom: Check! The honeymoon cottage was the place to be before this wedding!

Can you say handsome?! These guys were great. Thanks for being a good sport Travis!

Here comes the bride! I’m thinking Jay was pretty excited :)

They used Katie’s Mom and Dad’s unity candle from their wedding. I LOVE traditional details like this!!

This one is for you Dot :)

Best best man speech EVER. This is Jay’s brother and he was AWESOME. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and then tearing up. I won’t do it any justice by paraphrasing it so I won’t, but it was great!

I had to stop myself or this post would be 20 more photos long! Jay and Katie, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day. I wish you all the very best in Vegas and the happily ever after that follows.


 Meet Mary. This lovely, little mommy-to-be and I have been friends for the better part of 6 years now and have lived on both sides of this great country, remarkably, at the same time! I say remarkably because she, her husband Jon, and my husband were all active duty military and really that means you can be anywhere. We were just fortunate to always be close! Now Mary has been on the civilian side of things for a few months and is preparing for baby boy U. I can’t wait to see her and Jon as parents!! They are such a fun, sweet couple and baby U is going to be very lucky. Even if they move him off to some compound in the woods one day… :) We’re going to miss them next year when they leave for Germany, but hopefully we’ll be able to visit soon. I’ll be quiet now and get on with the main event. Everyone, meet Mary.


Below: He’s a tree hugger from an early age! This one’s for you Jon!

How great are her eyes?! I can’t believe I haven’t noticed that before. Mary pregnancy agrees with you!

When I was doing Hailey and George’s wedding last weekend Hailey said, “Here you can take my shoes. I know you have a thing for feet!” That is completely true, and apparently I have a thing for baby bellies too! I really couldn’t believe how many shot like this are in Mary’s session!!

It is a dang cute belly though! Mary and Jon, we love you guys and can’t wait to meet your precious son.

George and Hailey – the wedding

 Allow me to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. George! I could really just go on and on about how fantastic this couple is. While putting together this post I was able to go back through their photos and it just reminded me of how much fun they are and how crazy about each other they are! George has the most gigantic, 1,000 watt smile you have ever seen every time he looks at Hailey, and her dreamy eyes back to him are enough to make you love them. We met a few months ago to do their engagement session in Edgemere, MD and they were adorable. I hope you love them as much as I do! Enjoy!


Below is George’s reaction to seeing Hailey coming down the aisle. Cue the smile!!!

How great are the groomsmen’s and groom’s shoes?!

I think I may have figured out where George gets that awesome smile from! His mom was so sweet!

 Hailey danced with both her Grandad and her Stepdad. What I wouldn’t give for a picture like this with my own Grandpa! Hailey, you are adorable.


 Congratulations to Brynn! This little cutie is the winner for the Perryville Weecycle sale. She’ll be receiving a free session and a $75 print credit! Thank you to all the families that participated in the contest and please try to stop by the Carroll County sale October 8-10 for another chance to win. Also, there are still a few afternoon spaces available to any family that would like to participate in the Autumn/Halloween mini-session on the 17th. Please email me for details!

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