Marc and Wendi – the wedding.

 Finally, meet Mr. and Mrs. W :) I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed this couple, their friends, and their family! They were a fabulous group of people and I’m better for having met them. Their wedding was definitely a family affair and turned out beautifully. Plus, their bridal party was just non-stop! The bridesmaids were so fun to hang out with early in the afternoon and the groomsmen were hilarious from the second I met them. The ceremony and reception took place at the Viriginia Oaks Golf Course and it could not have been any prettier! I’ll hush so you can take a look at what I mean.

Guys, I had such a blast. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your BEAUTIFUL day!



 Meet Evy. This is one happy baby! She had no problem being moved and bunched all around. Until she got hungry! Then she let us know it was time for a break! After a quick bottle though she was back to being an angel. I had such a good time getting to meet her and hang out with her mom and big sister! There are actually pictures of her sister, Gracie, all over my site. She is quite the baby model. Looks like its going to run in the family! So without further ado, here is Ev.

Marc and Wendi – the wedding

 Remember Marc and Wendi? The adorable couple I met with last spring at the Inner Harbor to talk about their wedding and then again to do their engagement session? Yeah, those guys! I have to tell you that I have been SO excited about their wedding since the first day we met. First of all, they are so darn cute! Secondly, they are so fun, so funny, and so crazy about each other! August 22nd finally rolled around and the only word you can use for their big day is MAGICAL! I have so much that I want to share with you, but I’m having to weed through some 1300 pictures to narrow it down to my top 20 for their post. It’s going to take more than a day I’m afraid!!  But for now here’s a little sneak peek at the lovely new Mr. and Mrs.

Magical, right? Guys, I hope you are having the best time in Costa Rica! I look forward to talking with you again soon.


 Meet Selah. This beauty just turned 2 weeks! I couldn’t believe how alert and adorable she was. And TINY! I forget so easily how tiny we all start off as. Her mom, Amy, and I have been ‘passerby friends’ meaning when I pass her by we say hello (insert cheesy laugh here) so it was great to spend some real time getting to know each other a little better while we positioned and repositioned sweet Selah. I had a great time and hope they did too. I’ll hush now so you can see how adorable this baby is!

Below may be may favorite.

The G Family

  Meet Jonathan, Amanda, and Cale. Do you have one of those friends from high school that make you love to look back and remember the DUMB stuff you did all the time? Jonathan is that friend of mine. We and a group of crazy friends spent much of the last two years of high school hanging out and laughing through any class or free time we had together. It is amazing to me that he’s now a husband to a beautiful, talented wife and father to an adorable little boy! I am so thankful for the time we had back at RHS and am even more thankful that we’ve been able to keep up some form of communication over the years. Here is a little bit from the session we did in Haltom City, Texas over the time I was there visiting family.


Take some time to check out Amanda over on her website too! You won’t be disappointed!


 Meet sweet Annie. This little cutie’s daddy is my husband’s best friend. Annie, her dad Josh, and her mom Patricia are making a big move from Rhode Island to Texas and we were a lucky pit stop along their way! We loved getting to spend some time with them and having them crash here for the night. Annie is such a funny, happy baby! Plus she has killer blue eyes! No touch ups, I swear!! If this little doll is one day Mrs. Henry Caruthers, you won’t hear any complaining from me :)

And the winners are…

 Meet our handsome judge! I decided that the fairest way to decide the winners for the complimentary bridal session is to have it judged by someone who never met the contestants. The fact that he can’t read is just a bonus!

Congratulations to Sarah Hodges, Hiedi Chase, and Caitlin Howard! I look forward to working with each of you very soon!

Please don’t be discouraged if your name was not chosen. I would still LOVE the opportunity to sit and talk with you about your wedding!!! Also, make sure you follow me on facebook for spontaneous give aways (there may be more complimentary bridal sessions in the near future!) and the latest from {kcp}.