Meet Tori and Adriane. These are two BEAUTIFUL young ladies that were so much fun to work with today. I couldn’t wait to get this set home and edited to share!! I met with Tori and her mom this morning and after about an hour her BFF Adriane came to join us for a few shots of them together and then to start her own session. I hope you guys had as great a time as I did. I also hope you have an AMAZING senior year!!!

 CALLING ALL MARYLAND/DC/NOVA/South PA SENIORS!! I would love to work with you too! Send me a message at,, or give me a call so we can set something up!



 This weekend we had a neighborhood picnic, and while the weather was HOT it was at least cooperative in the rain department! When my husband, Rob, was deployed last year I decided it was a good idea to buy a house, and thankfully he agreed. I was teamed up with a FABULOUS real estate agent named Cathi Powell that did two marathon weekends of house hunting with me. We literally looked at 47 houses in four days! on our first weekend I thought I had found our dream home only to see it get yanked from underneath us, and could not have been sadder. Like eat 2 pints of ice cream and watch Real Housewives marathon sad. A month later on our second weekend we found another great house, but I knew better than to get my hopes up this time around. Cathi worked overtime and I sent up a lot of prayer (and sent out an enormous amount of paperwork!) and finally we closed on our house July 31, 2009. I loved the house. When Rob got home he loved the house. Our then 18 month old loved the house. Then we met the neighbors… I could tear up thinking about how much I love our neighbors! We’ve had the entire street over for two parties so far and spent the day after ‘the’ blizzard standing in the middle of waist high snow in the street while the men folk marched one after another snow blowing a path and all of the driveways. I love these people and I think they’re pretty fond of us. Fast forward to this Saturday and our love expanded past our street and into our entire neighborhood! We live in a magical place surrounded by the greatest group of people. Everyone except for us and 2 other families out of something like 35 families have lived here for 20+ years. They KNOW each other. They know each other’s kids, cars, walking paths, habits, and lawn care days! We are SO excited to be a part of this amazing group of people and can’t wait for the next get together to spend more time laughing and getting to know them better! Now that you know my whole history I’ll hush up and show a few pictures I took this weekend :)

Happy 4th from…

 Yeah. I’m a geek. 

 A very happy Independence Day to all of you! Especially to those who continue to serve this country and protect our freedoms. I am truly honored to be married into that very special family of heros!