George and Hailey

 Meet George and Hailey. Everytime I finish a client’s wedding and gear up to meet another one I think “That last one was way too easy and laid back. The next one is sure to be super high strung (i.e. bridezilla)” and then BAM! I am blessed with another super cool, super easy going couple!! George and Hailey ooze laid back. When we agreed to meet this weekend at 10 I didn’t know it would be 94 degrees (literally) or that it was George’s birthday, but they were GREAT about both! We met at North Point State Park in Edgemere, MD and there was already a crowd swimming and splashing in the bay.

 George, I hope your birthday was a great one!! I can’t wait to see you guys again in October!


2 thoughts on “George and Hailey

  1. Kasey…..these photos are nothing short of perfection!I absolutley love them! You did such a wonderful job and I cannot wait to see the rest of them!

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