George and Hailey

 Meet George and Hailey. Everytime I finish a client’s wedding and gear up to meet another one I think “That last one was way too easy and laid back. The next one is sure to be super high strung (i.e. bridezilla)” and then BAM! I am blessed with another super cool, super easy going couple!! George and Hailey ooze laid back. When we agreed to meet this weekend at 10 I didn’t know it would be 94 degrees (literally) or that it was George’s birthday, but they were GREAT about both! We met at North Point State Park in Edgemere, MD and there was already a crowd swimming and splashing in the bay.

 George, I hope your birthday was a great one!! I can’t wait to see you guys again in October!



 Meet Quinn. This little cutie patootie will be turning the big 1 in just a few short days! I met Quinn’s mommy last fall and it truly is incredible how FAST babies morph into kids! He was roughly 4 months old when we met, and now he’s standing, has teeth, and talks! Crazy!!!

 Quinny, we hope you have a wonderful first birthday!!

Troy and Ginny

 Meet Troy and Ginny. This wonderful couple contacted me a few months ago about doing their ceremony. They are currently in Tennessee, so everything for their day was long distance! We met at Panera months ago to talk about their day and I was hooked. They are so cool and go-with-the-flow you can’t even imagine! Their wedding was a beautiful (steamy hot) day surrounded by people who know that when they said “in sickness and in health” they were not joking around. They have already faced a brain tumor together and won! I loved getting to meet them and work with them and wish them all the luck in the world.

Jay and Katie

 Meet Jay and Katie. A super wonderful couple that are not only incredibly forgiving (I was an hour late. Stupid, stupid GPS. I could not have been more embarrassed.), but they are also incredibly adorable! Thankfully the rain stopped just after we got started so we were able to go with Katie’s original plan of doing the session at the IWO Jima Memorial. I loved getting to hear about what they have planned for their wedding, and can’t wait to see them again in October!


 Meet Beth, Dennis, Kylie, and Maggie. Beth is another Weecycler that contacted me to do maternity photos at her home. I was more than happy to oblige! They have a beautiful green property and a long drive way bordered with trees. Plus they were super laid back and even 8 months pregnant were totally cool with anything I asked her to do. That was definitely not me at 8 months! So thank you Beth and Dennis for inviting me into your home. I hope you love the results!

Mia and David

 Meet Mia and David. This wonderful couple’s cousin actually got in contact with me a little while ago to see if I would be available to do their wedding this October. Since then Mia and I have been emailing, scheduling, and rescheduling (and rescheduling) a date for an engagement session. The weather has been WAY less than cooperative every time we set a date to meet. However, I am kind of glad that it worked out this way, because last Saturday evening was PERFECT! We met at Loch Raven Resevoir and walked around the fishing center enjoying the semi cool weather and the beautiful light. I can’t wait to meet back up with these two this October!