The Repps & The Phipps

 Meet Erich, Melanie, Erich Jr., Emily, Mikey, Genie, Olivia, and Grandma.  Melanie got in contact with me after the Weecycle sale about doing her family’s photos when the weather got better, and you couldn’t have gotten better than today! This is a GREAT and super energetic family and I had a blast with them. In the shot on the right side below this we were trying to get Erich to get in the tree himself, but he was not feeling that so Melanie just popped up there herself so that he wouldn’t be scared! Supermom!! I’m glad she did. I love the shots that came out of it and think Erich will too when he looks back on it years from now.


 In case you were wondering, no I didn’t touch Emily’s eyes at all. They are THAT blue! Gorgeous!!!

 The cuteness continues with Ms. Olivia and her mom and dad. At three months old Olivia is very calm, very relaxed, and very adorable!

 There are hundreds (yep) of more photos from this group! It was hard to pick out favorites. I hope you guys find some you love and that I get to see you all again soon!


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