Meet Jillian. Jillian’s mommy is in a class with my husband and asked if I would be interested in coming over to capture Jillian’s first birthday. I’m so glad she asked! What an adorable little girl. And again, no I didn’t touch this cutie’s eyes either! They are that blue. She spent a lot of time hanging with her grandpas and entertaining the crown while she waited for her cake. Jillian, I hope you had a great time at your party!!


The Graduate.

 Meet Stephen. I was asked several months ago to come and photograph his younger brother, Antonio’s baptism, and then was fortunate enough to have their mom, Chrissie ask me to come back and do Stephen’s kindergarten graduation! I love this family. Mom and Dad are so nice, grandparents are all super involved, and the kids are adorable.  Plus, Stephen was easily the best dressed kid at the ceremony :) Who doesn’t love a kid in tails?!

 Thanks again Chrissie for asking me to come and be a part of another special family moment! I’m looking forward to Stephen’s birthday party next month!

The Family.

  Meet the Family. I’m not using any names on this post in case Grandma is searching photo blogs to see what her wonderful family is preparing for her :) One of the granddaughters got in touch with me a little while back and told me that they would like to do something special for their grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. 60th! Yeah, I’d say that deserves something a little extra! I had a GREAT time with this group. They were all super funny and easy to get along with. We just barely missed being rained out too. I had sprinkles on my windshield going and coming back!!

I hope you guys find some that you love and that your grandparent’s love them too!

The Repps & The Phipps

 Meet Erich, Melanie, Erich Jr., Emily, Mikey, Genie, Olivia, and Grandma.  Melanie got in contact with me after the Weecycle sale about doing her family’s photos when the weather got better, and you couldn’t have gotten better than today! This is a GREAT and super energetic family and I had a blast with them. In the shot on the right side below this we were trying to get Erich to get in the tree himself, but he was not feeling that so Melanie just popped up there herself so that he wouldn’t be scared! Supermom!! I’m glad she did. I love the shots that came out of it and think Erich will too when he looks back on it years from now.


 In case you were wondering, no I didn’t touch Emily’s eyes at all. They are THAT blue! Gorgeous!!!

 The cuteness continues with Ms. Olivia and her mom and dad. At three months old Olivia is very calm, very relaxed, and very adorable!

 There are hundreds (yep) of more photos from this group! It was hard to pick out favorites. I hope you guys find some you love and that I get to see you all again soon!


 Meet Gracyn. This little cutie was the ‘girl runner up’ at the Weecycle sale this spring and it’s easy to see why! Her mom and I agreed to meet this morning in Westminster without knowing the temperature was going to tank. Tank it did! It was 48 degrees with a 1,000 mile per hour wind (that may be an exaggeration…), but Gracyn didn’t seem to mind one bit. She was just adorable and I loved getting to see her again!



 Meet Bella and her mom Sharon. This little girl is a scene stealer! Look at that GORGEOUS little face!! Sharon found me through a work friend that attended the Carroll County Weecycle Sale this spring and we finally found a date that wasn’t rainy or gross. I’m so glad too! Bella is a super sweet, super adorable 5 year old that is obviously the joy of her mom’s life. How could she not be?!

Do you remember being 5 and having an abundance of energy?!!

I had a GREAT morning with the two of you and hope we can do it again (and again, and again :) ) very soon!!

Marc and Wendi

Meet Marc and Wendi. Can you say CUTIES?! I am sooo excited to be doing their wedding this August. We met several weeks back at the Inner Harbor and they decided that it would be fun to do their engagement session right there in the middle of everything! It was such a fun time!! These two are so adorable and so, so, so cute with each other. Marc had Wendi smiling the whole time! A big 1,000 watt smile for an hour!

Oh, did I forget to mention that they’re both super adorable? Love it!

Guys, I had a great time with you and hope you have a great time in the Bahamas (my offer still stands to go with you :) ). I can’t wait to see you again in a few months!